Flying with Friends

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Mine is to fly more! This will probably be a challenge when I go to the Air Traffic Academy (whenever they call!!) but I’ve really missed it & making it more of a point to set the time aside to go out & do it will be good for me. So I actually did get to go flying Saturday with my friend Andy & his girlfriend Sierra. We had such a blast!!

Photo Jan 03, 1 17 30 PM (1)

Sierra, Andy and I went from KDED to KSGJ (Deland, FL to Saint Augustine Florida)

Photo Jan 03, 1 34 48 PMPhoto Jan 03, 1 18 56 PMPhoto Jan 03, 1 33 46 PMPhoto Jan 03, 1 39 32 PM

Overall, it was a great trip. We had lunch at the airport on the field and got 2.4 hours Cross Country time in the C172. It’s been an interesting transition from a low wing aircraft (an Alarus I trained on) to the C172… I still get tripped up when I’m doing pattern work & can’t see the runway beside me because the wing is blocking it! It was also interesting getting used to flying from the right seat. We took turns on who flew left seat, so my time on the right was definitely a learning curve, but one I embraced.

Photo Jan 03, 12 19 07 PM

Till next time… Blue Skies!


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