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Pilot Culture

Awesome post on what it’s like to be a female pilot & what it’s like to learn to fly! You go girl!!!

The Bold Bluebonnet

There’s something special about a group of people that make time to put themselves in metal tubes and shoot themselves thousands of feet above the earth for a living or a hobby.

You might expect this group to bpic outside a piper cherokeee a bunch of youthful daredevils; Well-inked punks with strange haircuts and no shortage of body piercings. Or maybe, since it takes a great deal of money to be a pilot, you’d expect to find a clan of industry tycoons in members-only jackets. But what I’ve found so far is that the pilot community is mostly a group of middle-aged white guys with a few senior citizens sprinkled on top. Most of them are financially comfortable seasoned or retired pilots, but they quickly identify with the younger pilots out there that have just begun flying lessons and are swift to take them under their wing (pun intended). They’re a fun bunch…

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