Embry-Riddle, My Journey, Women in Aviation

Back to Reality…

As the ink is drying from all the notes I took during the #WAI15 conference, I’m slowly processing all the amazing things, people, and events I was blessed to be part of. It was truly life-changing and has inspired me to really pursue this love I have burning inside of me – writing. 

I’m planning a full day-by-day blog post within the next week, but for today I will be transcribing and writing my story on Heather “Lucky” Penney for Air & Space Magazine. 

I have great posts planned featuring some of the amazing women I met and experiences I had. 

I had a chat with Amelia Rose Earhart, the youngest woman to circumnavigate the globe – on Amelia Earhart’s original flight plan!!

Today, I’m traveling back to DAB and away from all this rain and cold (and snow!!!) DAL has featured while I was in town. There will be lots of writing & transcribing this week & maybe even a few published articles!! 

Xoxo Chrissi


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