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I Need YOUR Help!!!

As many of you have noticed, I’ve recently been picked up by a UK media outlet as a journalist to order to cover the recent Germanwings aircraft accident. As a freelance journalist, this has been a HUGE break for me – a chance for me to get my articles published beyond just my blog and a chance to get PAID for the work I’ve written.
BUT! In order to get paid for the content that I have written, I must “promote” my articles through social media & personal connections. (I’m paid based on views AND “up votes” on the website.)
So I’m asking for your help!!!
YOU can help me get paid for my work! Simply click the link below to view all the articles I have written up to this point. Simply viewing each article will get me 1 “point.” “Up-voting” it will get me 10 “points”!!! 
How to upvote:  you must create an account to up vote. It’s a simple sign-up process. You can create an account through your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter account, or simply your email.  It will ask you to create your own URL – I simply used my name.  They will NOT bombard you with emails. They send you 1 email per week with the most popular content, that is all.
If you want to know when I post new content, click “follow” at the bottom of any of my posts. They will then send you an email whenever I post new content.
ANOTHER way you can help me promote my work is by SHARING my posts (or URL above) on social media, with your friends and colleagues, and letting people know how to follow me (i.e. forwarding this email!)
Thanks everyone for your support!!!
And for my regular blog readers – We will be back to our regularly-scheduled content very shortly!
xoxo Chrissi

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