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Mathematicians are now Air Safety Investigators

Apparently my degree in aviation has no weight anymore – now mathematicians can tell us definitively what happens to our missing planes.

I love it!

Read my new post about missing plane MH370 on The News Hub.

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Ride-Along to VRB

Tuesday Morning I headed out to Daytona Beach to join my friend Christopher (ha! Chrissi & Christopher!) on a short trip to Vero Beach. We took off from DAB and joined the coastline for about an hour. Christopher introduced me to the G1000 for the first time–and I think after the first moment of cluelessness I may have fallen in love! Photo Jan 19, 11 36 13 AM The trip was nice — and courtesy of Christopher you can join us on our trip with this video! Here are a few photos that I took during our trip that I thought turned out pretty good!

       Photo Jan 19, 10 19 47 AM     The mighty C172

Photo Jan 19, 10 19 38 AM Photo Jan 19, 10 39 17 AM

Crossing Runway 34-16 on our way to 7RPhoto Jan 19, 10 47 41 AM Photo Jan 19, 11 48 02 AM Photo Jan 19, 11 48 52 AM

The beautiful Florida Coastline

Photo Jan 19, 1 33 34 PM Kennedy Space Center from the air!

Photo Jan 19, 1 17 57 PM There are a LOT of airports along the coastline!Photo Jan 19, 1 58 07 PM

Coming back into DAB, joining in the pattern on the downwindPhoto Jan 19, 1 59 06 PM Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 8.21.58 PMPhoto Jan 19, 2 00 15 PM

Landing 7R

We’re heading back to VRB next week to tour the Piper Headquarters — but unfortunately I won’t be able to take pictures while I’m there as they have a no photography rule 😦

Till next time… Blue Skies!! 

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The Neighborhood Built Around a Runway

Friday night.. as most college students are “pre-gaming” for the frat party they’re planning to go to, my friend Taylor is doing something completely different.  She’s watching (& snapchatting) her weekly airshow in her backyard.

The Spruce Creek Fly-In is a residential community built around a 4000’ runway just a short hop from the Daytona International Speedway. Celebrities such as John Travolta, Teresa Earnhardt, and Tony Stewart have owned properties in the Creek. Roads and taxiways are one in the same & there’s always something to do!  The Creek is mainly retired pilots and folks that love aviation. Taylor is lucky enough to live there while she’s attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

I have some great friends in the Creek & even some that let me use their planes for photo shoots! Overall, this community is a fun place to visit & (I bet) an even “funner” place to live!

Photo Jan 16, 1 43 58 PM Photo Jan 16, 1 46 31 PM (1)

Till next time… Blue Skies!!


Trip to Cedar Key (CDK)

Hello Again!

I’m back at that whole flying thing this week!!

(Warning: this post is photo-heavy!)
Photo Jan 06, 10 27 19 AMPhoto Jan 06, 9 28 21 AM (1)Photo Jan 06, 2 39 39 PM (1)

Andy & I went back out flying again… this time with my friend Erica and this time to the other side of the state!
Photo Jan 06, 10 18 47 AM

Cedar Key was beautiful!! Nestled on the Gulf Coast on its own island it felt like “old Florida.”
Photo Jan 06, 10 59 33 AMPhoto Jan 06, 2 39 37 PM (1)

on approach to CDK

Photo Jan 06, 2 40 35 PM (2)

The Runway was situated on one end of the island & was only 2300′

Photo Jan 06, 11 02 30 AM

Photo Jan 06, 2 40 35 PM (1)

So gorgeous

Photo Jan 06, 2 39 40 PM (1)

The runway was situated right on the water

Photo Jan 06, 12 41 44 PM

An aerial view of the downtown district on the island. We ate lunch at a restaurant at in between the two piers right on the water

The locals and tourists were super friendly!! We met a tourist taking photos of the airstrip offer to give us a ride to a restaurant on the other side of the Island. In the process of giving us a ride, he told us all about his adventures as a pilot and how he came from an aviation family. He even told us the story of how he worked on a project to make the first ever nuclear powered aircraft. Although the project never came through (because they couldn’t control how close the pilot came to radiation) it was a project that he was clearly proud of.

We had lunch at a restaurant right on the Gulf. It was still a bit chilly outside so we sat inside. It was great to have “pilot” conversations & simply enjoy time with friends.

Photo Jan 06, 11 29 53 AMPhoto Jan 06, 2 37 32 PM

Photo Jan 06, 2 37 30 PM

During the flight, we had some really interesting cloud layers to look at:

Photo Jan 06, 2 37 31 PM
Photo Jan 06, 2 37 17 PM
Photo Jan 06, 2 37 23 PM
Photo Jan 06, 2 36 37 PM

Photo Jan 06, 2 36 35 PM (3)
Photo Jan 06, 1 16 48 PM
Photo Jan 06, 12 58 03 PM
Photo Jan 06, 2 36 34 PM (1)
Photo Jan 06, 10 32 23 AM
Photo Jan 06, 10 31 12 AM
Photo Jan 06, 10 30 40 AM

After departing CDK, I took the controls for a while. As we were descending (also with a tailwind) we hit 138 Knots groundspeed!! In a C172! I know I can’t believe it either. Since I was flying I didn’t get a picture of it, but I did manage to snap a shot of 120 on the GPS!
Photo Jan 06, 12 56 40 PM

Andy managed to get the plane to fly by itself! (“Look Ma! No Hands!!”)

Photo Jan 06, 10 18 35 AM

Then we stopped at Umatilla (X23) to fuel up! And we saw all the Orange Orchards around the airport.
Photo Jan 06, 1 30 48 PM
Photo Jan 06, 2 36 35 PM

And then we headed back to DED

Photo Jan 06, 2 36 34 PM

Overall, it was a really great flight! We worked on working as a team rather than individual pilots, our navigation skills, and short-field landings!

I would definitely go back to Cedar Key if I have the chance! I can’t wait to fly again sometime soon!!

Photo Jan 03, 2 24 08 PM

Till next time… Blue Skies!


Flying with Friends

What’s your New Year’s Resolution? Mine is to fly more! This will probably be a challenge when I go to the Air Traffic Academy (whenever they call!!) but I’ve really missed it & making it more of a point to set the time aside to go out & do it will be good for me. So I actually did get to go flying Saturday with my friend Andy & his girlfriend Sierra. We had such a blast!!

Photo Jan 03, 1 17 30 PM (1)

Sierra, Andy and I went from KDED to KSGJ (Deland, FL to Saint Augustine Florida)

Photo Jan 03, 1 34 48 PMPhoto Jan 03, 1 18 56 PMPhoto Jan 03, 1 33 46 PMPhoto Jan 03, 1 39 32 PM

Overall, it was a great trip. We had lunch at the airport on the field and got 2.4 hours Cross Country time in the C172. It’s been an interesting transition from a low wing aircraft (an Alarus I trained on) to the C172… I still get tripped up when I’m doing pattern work & can’t see the runway beside me because the wing is blocking it! It was also interesting getting used to flying from the right seat. We took turns on who flew left seat, so my time on the right was definitely a learning curve, but one I embraced.

Photo Jan 03, 12 19 07 PM

Till next time… Blue Skies!