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Jet Suicides: Weighing in on the safety of Commercial Aviation

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“New Information on Germanwings Crash starts a Media Firestorm”

Reality: statistically nearly impossible to die in a ‘jet suicide’

(Photo Source: NY Post)
The media has been ablaze with information that copilot of Germanwings 9525, Andreas Lubitz likely practiced his controlled descent into terrain on the outbound leg to Barcelona prior to the successful crash into the French Alps on March 24.
The French Civil Aviation Safety Authority has released information indicating that on the previous leg, the copilot was alone in the flight deck and set the selected altitude to descend to 100 when he was cleared to 35 thousand feet. This occurred again when he was cleared to 21 thousand feet. This data suggests he was either practicing his maneuver for the return flight or attempted to crash on the first leg but abandoned his plan. The report also confirms that Lubitz’s mental health was questioned in the past, although later approved with restrictions.
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Many people that know I have an aviation background ask me (and I’ve written on this topic before): is flying safe? My simple answer: absolutely.
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Germanwings Crash: Accident or Deliberate?

Let’s question mainstream media – there could be more information that hasn’t yet been uncovered.

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An editor of The News Hub found my blog & Facebook page and asked me to write a news style article for them about Germanwings 9525…

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I always feel terrible writing when tragedy strikes, but as a journalist it literally is my job to keep people informed. So without further rambling… here is my latest published article about Germanwings 9525. #InDeepSorrow

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