Photography, Photography

Photography Pricing

Every job is different therefore prices are subject to change based on the actual job. Please contact me for an exact quote.

All quotes include:

  • The sitting fee (time spent with the photographer)
  • Editing time
  • A digital copy (sent via of all photos 1-3 weeks after the session & rights to print & post all photos  (NOTE: I do NOT watermark my photos)
  • Up to 6 subjects


Sitting Fees:

1 hour session: $100

2 hour session: $175

4 hour session: $300

6 hour session: $450

10+ hours: call for a quote


You must provide the location & all accessories associated with the shoot. Photographer will have equipment for both inside & outside shoots (weather permitting).


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Photography, Photography

Branching Out: Photography

One of the things that I’ve learned about my aviation/journalism journey is that it’s not linear. I’ve loved learning how to write, how to captivate an audience, and how to get my thoughts down on “paper” (typing is the twenty-first century paper right?). Now my journey is taking me down a branch I never thought I’d explore. Photography!

I purchased a camera a few months ago to capture photos to go along with my articles. I also enjoyed snapping pictures of all the planes that take off and land at DFW constantly!

Now I’ve decided to also learn more about my camera and what it can do. I’m going to be posting different photos I take both on assignment and in my free time. I’ve also decided to start booking professional photography jobs – both aviation and otherwise. So if you’re in the need of a photographer in the DFW area, feel free to reach out to me!